Alli Brook


“Aligning your inner game and outer game; taking the time and energy to tune into a deeper knowing within, and then courageously acting on that knowing in the external world. “

Alli facilitates generative conversations through deep listening and reflective questions. With over two decades teaching, managing and guiding individuals and teams, Alli has primarily worked with leaders and founders of businesses. She helps clients to “land” their big vision, designing and implementing systems of support for sustainable success. Alli has created and managed “best of breed” teams to catalyze each business and project through effective change. Her work helps clients hone high-level decision making and leadership by aligning with, listening to, and acting from a wider field of intelligence - including the "gut" or intuition, balanced with the rational intellect. 

As a lifelong student who is passionate about personal development, she leverages various resources (including Non-Violent Communication, Crucial Conversations, Appreciative Inquiry +) to facilitate effective and graceful change. 

Top coaching areas:
1.    Life-work balance for effective & fulfilling leadership
2.    Identifying blind spots & gaps 
3.    Mindset
2.    Change management