Ava McGee


Coaching, Collaboration and Facilitation

Ava brings over 20 years of experience in Human resources, as a consultant with the State of Washington and private industry.  Ava understands the complexities in processes and policies, in regards to implementation, tracking, maintenance and updating, and assist in navigating managers and staff focusing on purpose and vision of the agency.  Ava has trained/facilitated Diversity and Inclusion (Non-Discrimination), Employee and Labor relations, Collective Bargaining Agreements for managers and supervisors, On-boarding for new employees, Lay-off workshops for affected employees and conducted employment discrimination and workplace harassment investigations, employee and management requested.

Ava is a community advocate with 5 years of experience in community facilitation and education focused on racial equity issues within Thurston County, and has facilitated study circles on race, films and book clubs on racial and gender equity to bring about conversation and awareness to usher in positive change. Ava thrives on creating a brave space for participants to share their stories and finding creative ways to educate and empower people of color and allies of people of color to connect and be action oriented on a positive cellular level.

Ava is a certified Life Coach, Consultant and a life- long learner, educator and teacher.