Coaching Roster

As a team of executive coaches with a variety of skills, leadership experience and backgrounds, we offer authentic, caring, and practical coaching services, tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. Our coaches are ICF Certified or have completed a 6+ month program that includes practicum or have at least 500 hours of coaching logged and demonstrated continuing education in their field. 

Look through our coaching roster and see which one of our coaches resonates with you. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session with one of our coaches to help you discover how working with an Athena Group coach will benefit you. Schedule up to three exploratory sessions to find the right fit.  If you would rather speak to someone first and have us try to match you let us know.


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Enhanced management skills

  • Strategic direction

  • Leadership development

  • Teamwork and teambuilding

LaVonne Dorsey

LaVonne’s coaching engagements yield strong guidance and direction to individuals within an organization. She is often called in by organizations after change happens and challenges arise. Her change management facilitation helps organizations to dive deep and understand what’s necessary for progress—whether the challenges are within individuals, among teams, or arise from the complexities of the organization as a whole.

As a coach, LaVonne fuels her passion to be an accountability partner and uses her strong psychology background to truly understand an individual and organization at a granular level and take it to strategic execution. Her specialties include one-on-one executive management consulting, career coaching, leader-ship development, and life coaching.

LaVonne has held key leadership roles at several iconic organizations. In previous roles, LaVonne has utilized her strategic position to design, implement, evaluate, and administer individual and organizational development strategies to successfully move individuals and organizations forward.

LaVonne brings a combination of 20+ years of academic, corporate, and practical life experiences into her consulting, coaching and therapy practice.

  • Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, Saybrook University 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Washington

  • Crucial Conversations Certified facilitator 

  • Coach and Mentor Coach, Training Alliance, Boulder CO, (ICF) International Coaching Federation

  • Human Element, FIRO Element B Certified, Business Consultants Network, Inc.


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Teamwork and Team building 

  • Conflict resolution  

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Conversational Intelligence

Freddie Barrett

Freddie’s approach to Leadership Development and Coaching combines experiential learning, reflective assessments, and committed forward moving action to reach sustainable results. She is certified in Hogan Inventories, Instinctive Drives System®, MBTI, DISC, EQ in-Action emotional intelligence assessment, Conversational Intelligence (CI-Q), and the Extraordinary Leader 360. 

Freddie’s coaching balances three essential areas of focus:

  • Business Goals—identifying and achieving top priorities, assessing strategies and decision-making processes, and clarifying and aligning with professional aspirations

  • Personal Awareness—knowing what you value, assessing your natural talents, and identifying what you need to be at your best more of the time to contribute and make a difference

  • Interpersonal Relationships—getting work done effectively while building trust and engaging in courageous conversations by applying conversational intelligence (CI-Q).

    Over the past 15 years, Freddie has worked with individuals and teams to identify personal and leadership strengths, develop interpersonal skills to expand healthy relationships and attain sustainable results.

    • Master of Arts, Organizational Psychology with emphasis on coaching and leadership consulting, Leadership Institute of Seattle 

    • Hudson Institute of Coaching; Certified Executive and Leadership Coach

    • Secondary Education Credentials, University of Utah; University of California, Sacramento 

    • Bachelor of Science, Business Management, University of Utah

    • Certified Facilitator of Extraordinary Leader 360


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Inner and Outer Leadership 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Creativity and Innovation 

  • Communication and Relationship Building


Jane partners with you as you develop your inner leader, both to claim your brilliance and excel as you accomplish your goals. You will discover how to tune into your own guidance, free yourself from limiting patterns, and embody your authentic leadership presence. Jane champions you to bring all of your inner resources to the table, including your heart-centered wisdom, creativity, inspiration, and the courage to move beyond your edge. This inner foundation of self-mastery enhances your capacity to think and act strategically, get more done in less time, influence others, and step fully into leadership. 

Jane’s coaching processes are elegant and effective, uniquely tailored to each client and team. Her holistic approach is sourced from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, human potential, and systems thinking. She is highly recommended by her coaching clients and workshop attendees.

Jane brings 24 years of experience to her clients, 12 years as a certified coach and workshop facilitator and prior to that, 12 years as a corporate attorney. She has worked with clients in the corporate, professional, non-profit and creative fields. She was part of the leadership team for the Puget Sound Coaches Association (now ICF Washington State). She served on the Ethics Committee for the International Coach Federation (ICF) for over 6 years. For more information, see 

  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation; 

  • Certified Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute; 

  • Certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP); 

  • Master Coach for Tilt 365; 

  • Inside Team facilitator (CRR Global); 

  • JD, Ohio State University; 

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Georgia


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Leadership coaching

  • Enhanced management skills

  • Culture change

  • Strategic direction & thinking


Jennifer believes:

  • A great coach listens, meets you where you are, elicits insights you may not have considered, and helps you navigate through to new experiences

  • Through powerful conversations, YOU decide what's important and what should be done about it, starting with "why", then exploring "how"

  • Strengths-based development is the best way to unleash potential

In addition to 1:1 coaching, Jennifer offers ethnographic assessments designed to complement 1:1 coaching.  This gives leaders essential information about the culture, behavioral economics at play, and institutional psychology specific to a team or organization.  These insights can help a leader understand and shape the culture and improve their efficacy in getting results and building strong teams.

Jennifer is an experienced organizational anthropologist and master coach with a practical style of coaching to help leaders and individual contributors understand their current strengths and approaches, better understand the environment, and move into new areas of leadership practice or workplace effectiveness.  Jennifer enjoys coaching executives through front line leader engaged in culture change, transition, and wanting to take their practice and efficacy to the next level.  Jennifer offers a unique, unbiased perspective as an organizational anthropologist. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, Central Washington University

  • Black Belt – Lean/Six Sigma, Professional Certification (MSI)

  • Master Coach Certification (BluePoint)


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Increased self-awareness (mind, body, emotions) & emotional resilience

  • Multiple perspective-taking

  • Communication effectiveness

  • Relationship building


Nota’s approach to coaching is to work with the intelligence of the whole person – mind, body/somatic awareness, emotions. Her philosophy is to support the client with empathy and to understand the world as the coachee sees and experiences it.

She supports the client in centering and grounding to achieve stability with any challenging life situations. From this place seeing the possibilities for expanding perspectives, identifying ways of improving effectiveness, and assessing right action is possible.

One particular area of interest is to assist the client to understand how her goals and interests may be achieved in the workplace given the developmental frame of the client’s team and other organizational actors. 
Nota’s initial professional career was in the public sector, working as a program manager for the City of Seattle for over 30 years. She has been a certified Newfield Network coach for five years.

  • University of Washington, Master of Public Administration

  • Certified Newfield Network coach

  • Certified Mysterial Leadership Depth coach

  • Pacific Integral Transformative Leadership certificate program from Saybrook University 


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Women’s leadership development

  • Adult development and durable behavior change

  • Emotional intelligence and compassionate communication

  • Somatic intelligence and embodied leadership


As a Professional Integral Coach, Meghann’s approach is based on the principles of adult development and integral theory. Using a rich framework that truly honors the complexity of being human, she guides leaders to get clear on behaviors that are limiting their potential—while incrementally building new competencies that transform their impact. These leaders can handle more complexity with greater ease. Their expanded perspective enables them to get better at what they do, and be better for who they serve.

Meghann is passionate about developmental coaching because human development is the driver of organizational development. As humans grow, organizations gain leaders who are capable of greater contributions both individually and collectively. These leaders can nudge the entire system beyond long-standing systemic challenges, to higher order functioning that is a better match for our increasingly complex world. 

Meghann’s approach to one-on-one coaching offers leaders the opportunity to show up every day with more:  

  • Confidence, ease and resilience

  • Joy, balance and self-driven impact

  • Inspiration, compassion and clarity of purpose

Meghann brings 20 years of experience leading teams and facilitating groups, in diverse settings and with a wide range of populations —from fighter pilots in the U.S Air Force to inmates in the Framingham Women's prison, engineers in the National Security Agency to community health workers in rural Malawi and midwives in Afghanistan. 

She is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and started her career as a program manager and organizational development specialist in the U.S. Air Force. She later spent a decade in Afghanistan and Anglophone Africa as a management consultant in global reproductive health. 

Integrating her professional experience in leadership and management with her personal practices of yoga and meditation—Meghann offers a professional, embodied, and practical approach to human growth and development

  • Certified Professional Integral Coach, Integral Coach Canada

  • Certified Mysterial Leadership Coach, Kore Evolution

  • Master of Public Health, International Maternal and Child Health, Boston University

  • Master of Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking, UMass Boston

Laurie2016 small (25).jpg

Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Confidence and risk

  • Scaling in a new role

  • Difficult work partnerships

  • Staying focused through change


Expand What's Possible • Discover Alignment • Choose Intentionally

Don’t go to war with your life, go to work with it.   Whatever you’re pushing up against right now, is showing you a belief, thought or habit that needs challenging/exploring.  You can’t successfully turn a corner outside in your life, if you don’t examine and evolve your internal code first.

Using cognitive Behavioral Science approach mixed with metaphor tools and practices, Laurie helps clients to challenge and transform their “default mode.”    Often, our default mode has been very effective and a part of what helped create our successes.  Growth pushes against our frequently unconscious mode of operating and thinking. The frustration this can create is our invitation to what is next for us. Uncertainty and challenge are not signs we’re failing, they’re signs we’re growing.  

Clients working with Laurie get un-stuck.  They learn to address problematic thoughts, meet challenging situations, choose more clearly and experience the grounded power of owning their choices; conscious and unconscious.

Laurie is passionate about helping people meet challenge with purpose and clarity.  To have kindness and courage for themselves and their journey, and get into action.  She was a coach long before she formally trained, focusing on growth mindset, personal power and authenticity in life and leadership. 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business, Minor in English

  • 20 years of management and leadership experience at Microsoft.

  • Trained & Certified through The Life Coach School

  • Completed the Martha Beck Institute’s Life Coach Training Program.   


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Dialogic Organization Development

  • Architecting and hosting strategic conversations 

  • Trauma Informed Care and NEAR Science Solutions (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience).

  • Personal Mastery

Teresa Posakony

Teresa’s coaching supports YOU in discovering what you are capable of in your leadership role and in life, discovering who you really are.  Stepping boldly as leaders require personal mastery, presence, intuitive intelligence, and Resilience. Teresa coaches leaders in developing a personal mastery practice to support them everyday in caring for themselves while bringing forth the best of their leadership.

Teresa is passionate about building healthy and resilient communities and organizations capable of learning and adapting in times of change.  Her approach, dialogic organization development, supports leaders and teams stepping up to challenges, changes, and opportunities. The capacity to convene, or host, strategic conversations and build learning environments is essential for this time.

Teresa studies healing, health, and wholeness. Working from a trauma-informed approach Teresa walks with you and supports you on the generative path toward flourishing. The journey always begins where you ARE not where you wish to be. The inner work of leadership creates the conditions to bring our dreams to life.

Teresa brings a combination of 24 years of experience as a leadership and organization development consultant.  She also works as a transformational coach for individuals pursuing their own healing using a combination of Reconnective Therapy and personal mastery practices.  

  • The Art of Hosting instructor and facilitator: training leaders to design and convene strategic conversations. 

  • Community Resilience Initiative, Trauma Informed Care facilitator and consultant.

  • Self-Leadership facilitator and coach.

  • Reconnective Therapy, Applied Principles of Energy Work Level 1-8.


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Integral coaching

  • Transition coaching

  • Change management

  • Leadership development

Marrie Schaefer

Marrie served twenty years overseas in American Embassies together with a cadre of public servants dedicated to promulgating a sustained U.S. presence in a world where resilient nations and societies could prosper. Her work in that arena believed and fostered respect for the diversity of interests and ability to build the alliances necessary to create “webs of cooperation” She brings this philosophy of inclusion, sustainability, and expansion of the circle of excellence to her integral coaching practice in sectors as diverse as government, non-profit, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

Integral coaching is a systematic and integrated way of assessing clients and designing a unique program that is simple but complete. The guiding principle starts with the question, “What is life asking of you?” It’s not just about being effective in the world; it’s about where we are now, how we see ourselves, and working with the whole person – head, heart, body, and inner /outer world. It’s also about finding ways of broadening the range of responses to life with insight, creativity, and presence.

Marrie brings significant federal government service and a proven record of managing large staff in a bilingual and bicultural environment to her coaching and organizational development practices. She received State Department Superior Honor Awards for providing strategic leadership and instilling collaborative teamwork across government bureaus during an era of organizational shifts. As the Embassy EEO counselor, Marrie championed the development of women’s leadership capacities and advanced opportunities for supporting and promoting women into the upper ranks of the U.S. Foreign Service. 

  • Certificate in Organization Development/Change Management, Georgetown University

  • Coaching Certification in Integral Coaching from ICF accredited New Ventures West

  • M.S. Ed.and B.S. Ed., Northern Illinois University


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Leadership

  • Managing relationships

  • Conflict management and resolution

  • Building healthy feedback cultures 

Kelly Spangler

Whether you want to hone your leadership skills for the next level, search for a new career or deal with an unexpected detour, every goal and challenge begins and ends with "you". You are the expert of your life. Your experience, values, creativity and strengths make you unique in our challenging and complex world. By developing your self-awareness and self-management skills you engage your "Inner Expert." It is akin to calibrating and engaging your internal compass. By tapping and cultivating your own resources you can achieve your goals while building your authentic leadership style.

Each coaching session is driven by you and your goals. In support of your goals, I offer deep listening and powerful questions with a focus on emotional intelligence, authenticity, neuroscience and resilience. Your answers and your experience are the data we use to develop and initiate your action plan to reach your goals. I support you by holding you accountable to your action plan and by acting as a second set of eyes on your experience, pointing out blind spots and opportunities to cultivate your inner expert skills. 

Kelly has over 20 years’ experience in crisis communication, coaching and training. She provides dynamic coaching to leaders and managers, grounded in neuroscience, helping them develop their unique leadership style. As an expert in crisis communication, difficult conversations and conflict management, she also provides training to executives, managers and employees on how to have psychologically safe feedback conversations and build a healthy feedback culture.

  • MA in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership and Organizational Development, Bastyr University

  • BA in History, Whitworth University

  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 

  • Conflict Management & Resolution 

  • Change Management 

  • Capacity and Organization scaling 


Rahel starts with the fundamental belief that we can only control and change ourselves.  As leaders, our challenge is managing our response to our environment and situation; our opportunity is to enhance our own capacity and the capacity of those on our teams and partners.  This begins with getting clear about the area of focus.  As the coach, Rahel uses the “development plan” to inform the trusting partnership she creates with the individual she coaches.  She asks compelling questions, seeing from top level down to systemic details to reflect back and support the individual(s) she coaches.  She has a unique blend of empathy and no-nonsense pragmatism. Clients comment on Rahel’s supportive yet challenging nature.  Rahel has coached leaders at the beginning of their management career to directors, founders and c-suite executives.

Rahel started her coaching and consulting practice at the end of 2012. Rahel leverages her own global leadership experiences to create an environment of growth and excellence where business and people transform. Over her 30-year professional career, she has served in myriad positions from Project Manager and Consultant to chief of staff and Vice President, which give her on the ground and big picture perspectives. Rahel has brought this expertise to organizations in hi-tech, software, electronics, health care, insurance as well as governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. 

A diversity of experience has been a key component of Rahel’s background and education. She has lived and worked in a variety of countries giving her cross-cultural perspective. In addition to English, she speaks French, Tigrinya, and Amharic.


Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Life-work balance for effective & fulfilling leadership

  • Identifying blind spots & gaps

  • Productivity and Time Management 

  • Change management 


Through deep listening and reflective questions, we can enter into generative conversations. I support clients to clarify inspired actions which are aligned with their authentic values. 

By tapping into a larger field of intelligence, we have access to deeper clarity, collaboration as well as powerful structures of support. 

Through awareness of old patterns that have held us back, we can overcome resistance and move into nourishing and pro-active change. 

With over two decades teaching, managing and guiding individuals and teams, Alli has primarily worked with leaders and founders of Online Businesses. Referred to as “The Entrepreneur’s Angel”, she helps clients to land their big vision, designing and implementing systems of support for sustainable success. Leveraging Non-Violent Communiction and intuitive skills, Alli has created and managed ‘best of breed’ teams to catalyze each business and project through effective change. She nimbly moves along the spectrum from zoomed-in infinitesimal details to the panned back, big picture. 

As a lifelong student who is passionate about personal development, she is continuously deepening her well of resources to provide the ultimate in catalytic support. 

Top 4 Coaching Areas:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Teams and relationships

  • Leading change

  • Advanced communication


“It’s lonely at the top” is more than just a cliché.  Taking responsibility for the success and wellbeing of others and an organization asks of the leader a high level of self-awareness, self-management, perspective and ability to engage others of diverse abilities and styles. 

Leadership coaching is a one-on-one consulting relationship dedicated to helping committed leaders develop and enhance the most effective leadership behaviors available to them.    It is an “inside out” process asking the leader to look honestly within and discover strengths as well as blind spots, but from “inside” the process moves “outside” to meaningful behavioral change.

Good coaching is neither prescriptive nor detached.   The coach is a whole hearted partner with the client in the client’s success in the role and in personal growth and development.

David has over 25 years’ experience in coaching senior organizational executives, high potential leaders and managers, and professional service providers. He has coached multiple CEOs or equivalent position organizational leaders in business, government and non-profit organizations worldwide.  He has worked in executive positions, as an organizational attorney, worldwide leadership trainer and spent 10 years advising on business relationships and conflict resolution in China.  

  • J.D., University of Michigan Law School

  • B.A., University of Minnesota, Interpersonal Communication

  • MBTI and Leadership Circle Certified

  • Coaches Training Institute and Relationship Systems Intelligence Coaching