Democracy Matters. IT’s time to put it back to work.

We are living in an important moment in history. Recent years have been marked by seemingly impenetrable divides and a trend toward a less and less civil civic society. At 

Founding Forward Democracy Labs offers safe spaces to deliberate, build civic leadership skills and take action across existing divides - between government and the communities they serve and their clients/customers across partner organizations and among community members themselves.

It takes place in four phases carried out over a few months in workshops and community check-ins.

Phase 1: Connect

Interactive experiences connect lab members and build shared understanding and relationships. The problem is redefined with a set of guidelines for interaction and decision-making used over the course of the process.

Phase 2: Dream

Lab members engage in individual and group dreaming about how they would like to see the future.

Phase 3: Design

Lab members brainstorm actions to realize their dreams and goals. Ideas are prioritized and projects are designed and selected with an “I/We can” orientation to push even small actions forward.

Phase 4: Act

Lab members work together to implement their projects. After completion, lab members re-convene for reflection on successes and challenges and to craft desired next steps or strategies.