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Course Description

Most of us avoid tough feedback conversations, because they’re hard. And we’re not sure how to safely navigate them. 

Yet, feedback is critical to development and to improving performance. In fact, 92% believe difficult feedback is effective at printing, improving performance, if delivered appropriately (HBR). However, managers dread giving feedback. Employees wonder how they're doing, but are anxious to receive feedback. Too often, feedback conversations are avoided or delivered in a way that isn't productive.

Greenzone Feedback was designed to help anyone who wants to have better feedback conversations, especially when the feedback is difficult. Greenzone Feedback is a dynamic process coupled with a conversational model for difficult feedback. It is rooted in neuroscience concepts, emotional intelligence, psychological safety and growth mindset principles.  

The session is engaging, highly interactive and participants leave with immediately applicable skills for navigating tough conversations. 

Participants learn:

  • The role that the brain plays in inducing and controlling stress response

  • To recognize and manage their own somatic and emotional stress cues

  • How our unique perception influences how we see an event

  • The elements of empathy and how to use it to build stronger relationships

  • How to use our proprietary model –  the Infinity Feedback Loop™ – for difficult feedback conversations

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Standard Course Length

This in-person training is delivered in a four-hour session.  

What participants have to say About the Course:

82% of post training participants stated, “I feel that the training content will support my leadership development objectives.”
-Global outdoor equipment retailer

“This is the most requested training in our manager suite.”
-Financial services institution

“Great foundation! I think this training has the potential for very important and necessary programs in our field.”
-City government agency

“The interactive portions and role playing helped move the theory into action. It is so helpful to move beyond just a framework.”
-Northwest regional health care provider


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FAcilitated by

Kelly Spangler has a background in law enforcement and hostage negotiation, and spent more than 15 years working with people in some of the most dire circumstances. She brings her deep knowledge of stress management and building trust through communication to this training. Kelly has a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science; she received her ICF coaching certification in 2015.

Robin White has more than 30 years of experience in Human Resources consulting and has advised organizations, small to Fortune 10, on strategies and programs to engage, motivate and develop their people. She brings her expertise in talent management and rewards – along with her deep understanding of the human element of performance management – to this training. She has an MBA and an MA in Applied Behavioral Science.