Kendra Dahlen


Kendra specializes in public engagement, facilitation, process improvement, and community development. Her background is in public policy, civic engagement, and performance improvement. She excels at working collaboratively with community leaders, elected officials, stakeholders and project staff. Kendra has over 20 years’ experience managing complex, sensitive and high-priority policy and planning issues for the City of Seattle, the Washington State Legislature, and numerous local jurisdictions. She is a skilled facilitator and enjoys working with councils, boards, committees and civic groups to achieve tangible recommendations that move projects forward.

Kendra served as Executive Director to the City of Seattle’s Planning Commission to advise the Mayor and City Council on major urban development projects and policies. In this capacity she led public processes to craft recommendations on projects ranging from Redevelopment of Seattle Center to establishing the Office of Neighborhoods. Kendra values working with agencies and organizations to blend evaluation and planning with public engagement, resulting in viable solutions that are supported by stakeholders and the public. One notable example is the Olympia Brewery Visioning Project, in which she teamed with Lorig Associates to achieve a greatly supported vision for the future of the iconic brewery.

Kendra is also the founder and co-chair of the North Thurston Public Schools Healthy Youth Task Force; an innovative and highly successful undertaking that received national recognition as a best practice for involving students of all ages in the improvement of school meals, nutrition, and vending options.

Kendra earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of Washington, School of Architecture, and her Master of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Washington, Evans School of Public Affairs.