Liz Dubois


Engaging, practical, and outcome driven, Liz DuBois thrives in the dynamic and ever shifting environments found in modern organizations. She serves leaders by providing a clear and objective vision of their organization and by defining the measurable appearance of success. She is an expert at uncovering and using objective data to provide immediate opportunities for policy and program improvement.

Liz received her Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Washington, Evans School of Public Affairs. She has 17 years of experience working for organizations such as the King County Auditor’s Office and State Legislature where she administered programs and conducted management evaluations. Her research and recommendations have led to positive impact in law enforcement, public safety, health care, adult corrections, and information technology governance.

Liz’s professional work is dedicated to conducting sound, objective research and analysis to strengthen public programs and inform public policy. She specializes in performance audits, program efficiency, permitting, staffing needs, analysis, cost modeling, and project management. She enjoys working with practitioners and government agencies and is known for her integrity and ability to communicate with all levels of public officials.