Logan Reed


Radical Wisdom

The power we can all access when we are supported in disrupting normal in service of a greater vision.

Logan founded her coaching practice in 2011, leaving a successful 15-year career in Human Resources in order to devote herself fully to her passion:  supporting others in bringing the full expression of themselves to their personal and professional lives.  Trained as an ontological coach and a Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, Logan works with individuals and groups to create leaders who are more powerful in their role, better collaborators and more expansive thinkers, regardless of their title within the organization. 

Logan has had the privilege of coaching leaders from a wide range of   organizations including United Nations World Population Fund, the City of Lacey, North Thurston School District, financial institutions and entrepreneurial start-ups.  Her private clients include diplomats, executives looking for their next career move, parents looking to improve their relationship with their children and new entrepreneurs.  The theme for all of Logan’s clients is they are individuals who share the common goal of becoming more effective leaders.