Marrie Y. Schaefer


Marrie is transitioning from over two decades of a successful global career to focus on mastering her ability to lead strategically and evoke excellence in others.  The uniqueness of Marrie’s experience is in its diversity as it spans across distinct countries and cultures united by her passion to strive for a world where resilient nations and societies can prosper and take ownership of their future.

Marrie led teams in one of the largest U.S embassies in the world and designed and implemented outreach strategies to further multilateral relations and effected policies ranging from trafficking in persons, climate change, and biotechnology to change management efforts.  Her work on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief issues while serving as advisor to the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific and the U.S. Pacific Command, Hawaii, was recognized for meeting interagency coordination challenges and underscored the importance of resilience and crises management cooperation.

Marrie holds a Master’s in Education from Northern Illinois University, a Certificate in Organizational Development from Georgetown University, and a Coaching Certificate in Integral Coaching from ICF accredited New Ventures West.  She was awarded two U.S. Department of State Superior Honor awards for providing strategic leadership and instilling collaborative teamwork across multiple sectors during an era of organizational shifts. 

She brings a philosophy of inclusion, sustainability, and expansion of the circle of excellence to her integral coaching and organizational development practice in sectors as diverse as government, non-profit, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.