Meagan Picard


Meagan Picard brings approximately 20 years of experience in public policy development, including community engagement, facilitation, strategic planning, community development and performance assessment and reporting. Her experience working with state and local governments, community organizations and engaged community members spans ten states from Washington State to Pennsylvania. Together with the communities and organizations she serves, she has achieved remarkable results, from enabling highly divided communities to work together toward common goals to building highly effective partnerships to develop and implement strategic plans.

Meagan is a master in designing action-oriented community dialogue processes and facilitating them to successful outcomes. She specializes in working with diverse communities, facilitating dialogue to bridge divides and inspiring collective action toward a community’s common cause. She is an experienced Community Heart & Soul™ coach, having trained and coached communities around the country through various aspects of this process.

She believes community resiliency is born from communities that really know themselves and invest in themselves. As such, she works to build local capacity to do aspects of the services she provides. One way she does this is through training local volunteers to facilitate community conversations. She integrates this service into projects whenever appropriate and offers it as a stand-alone training for any community looking to build local capacity in this way.

Of Meagan, the Orton Family Foundation’s Gabrielle Ratte-Smith, said, “Meagan is one of the best – people, trainer, organizer, and planner – that a community could have to guide them through the journey to being a thriving place. She works with residents and leaders to overcome divides and apathy, plan wisely, and increase engagement and action for positive change. There are many consultants and organizations that do this work well. Meagan brings something even more than expertise, experience and knowledge to a project. She brings a certain grace that comes from her passion and integrity to do great work. She cares about the people she is supporting, and comes to love the places they call home. She is truly meant to support communities to becoming better, stronger and vibrant.”

Meagan originally hails from Washington State and is currently located in Denver, CO. She holds a bachelor of arts degree and master’s in public administration from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.