Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course 


Course Description

Over fifteen years of research led Suzanne to discover "The Mysterial Way" - an emerging leadership model that integrates both Feminine and Masculine capacities and cultivates women’s wholeness. 

In this online or in person program women will awaken their innate genius by accessing each of the 5 Feminine and Masculine codes within. Women will engage in an approach to leadership development that addresses their ‘inner operating system’ so that they can truly uplevel how they lead in these challenging times. 

Program involves video teachings, catalytic Fieldwork, Q&A’s with Suzanne and supportive from a cohort of women.

Standard Course Length

8 week Online and in person options available. 


$595/person for minimum group of 20.

1-1 nine month Mysterial Leadership Coaching Program with Suzanne available: $20,000. 

FAcilitated by

Suzanne Anderson is a psychologist, coach, a thought leader on resilient leadership and co-author of the triple award-winning book "The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead." Her work is dedicated to awakening women to their full Feminine and Masculine capacity, urging them to the edge of their own evolution - to be the ones who are able to lead us into a new cultural paradigm.

After decades of work as a senior leadership consultant for Fortune 100 companies, Suzanne recognized the absence of leadership programs based on how women develop. 

Through her coaching practice, online programs, corporate workshops, retreats, speaking engagements and acclaimed book, Suzanne supports women who are ready to lead in an entirely new way - to show up as creative agents of change in this turbulent time on our planet, with courage and commitment, resilience and grace.

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