Negotiations Skills for Women


Course Description

This course is for women seeking to improve their leadership, communication and negotiation skills. Women will learn:

  • Tools and processes for negotiating any topic in both professional and personal settings

  • Your current conflict-management style and ways to choose the best style for the situation

  • How to develop at least three options for each negotiation -salary, large purchases, contracts, and more

  • Proven methods for navigating workplace gender stereotypes and improving your gender intelligence

  • To develop your assertive communication skills

  • Other topics explored in the class include assessing underlying interests and understanding your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) to better understand your options.

Standard Course Length

2-day, in person interactive training in class room, 9-4:30pm

What participants have to say About the Course:

“Fantastic information of gender issues- so much resonated with me.”

“I felt I learned a lot about why I’ve never felt confident in negotiating before. And that I should feel empowered to negotiate for myself in the future.”

“The training helped me to understand our struggle on a deeper level and the various negotiation styles. Excellent class and instructor!”

“It’s reassuring to hear other stories and scenarios from women that are similar to mine. Empowering and Validating.”

“I liked just about everything! So valuable! I wish it was longer. Is there a part 2?”

“This training was comprehensive, well-thought out, and a safe environment with supportive co-workers and instructor.”


Price: $595 per person, 15 person minimum, 25 person limit

*If you are interested in this course and would like to discuss a customized version please contact us so that we can discuss your goals and requirements.

FAcilitated by

Michele Zukerberg is a Certified Mediator with the Washington Mediation Association and a Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiations trainer for The Athena Group and the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County. She received her Master of Forestry degree from Duke University, with a focus on sustainable forestry, and has over 20 years of professional experience negotiating complex natural-resource management issues. Michele is a multi-party, family and court mediator. She is trained in leadership development and advanced interpersonal practices such as Non-Violent Communication and relational meditation.