Pac-Mtn WorkSource, WorkSource Operations Quality Improvement

Pacific Mountain WorkSource has a robust vision of the future direction of the organization and a good understanding of internal operations. Although they had been implementing quality improvements, they continued to struggle with being able to realize their strategic goals and they invited the Athena Group in to help them understand why.  

The Athena Group began by understanding the current state. This began as a micro version of an organizational analysis with a focus on strategy, systems, and culture. To do this, a number of organizational documents including org charts, strategic plans, initiative and project documents, as well as procedures and other guiding documents were reviewed. An all-staff survey was conducted to better understand the barriers to implementation the staff face at 5 different WorkSource offices. Site visits to 4 of the 5 offices in the PacMtn region were conducted. These efforts led to the identification of a number of key issues and cultural enablers that could be leveraged to achieve the organization’s goals.

A future-state process map was created for how to, inclusively, develop and deploy strategic goals annually. An implementation plan was created for how to achieve this future state map. As a result, leaders have a road map for how to better implement their strategic priorities.

“Lauri was quick to understand and respond to our needs.  The final products she presented to us were exactly what we needed and hoped for.  I look forward to working with The Athena Group and Lauri in the future.”

– Steve Perry, Systems Manager, PacMtn WorkSource