Sound Transit, Continuous Process Improvement

In 2014 The Athena Group was hired to provide Sound Transit with on-call consulting services to assist the agency in creating and improving core processes that are critical to organizational performance. To date, Athena members have provided services to several different departments within Sound Transit on a total of 32 continuous improvement task orders such as; Controls and Authority, Reducing Project Delivery Times, A&E Invoice Review and Approval Process Improvement, HR-Payroll Employee Team Coaching, Interagency Permitting, and Signature Culture.

As a result, The Athena Group led in the facilitation of process improvement exercises with Agency staff and other forms of professional consultation including:

  • Provide consultation and advice to the Sound Transit Project Manager (STPM) and CPI.

  • Committee regarding the Agency’s process improvement policy and program development.

  • Training of Agency staff in continuous process improvement.

  • Train staff to independently use process improvement principles and skills without the need for external facilitation.

  • Coordinate with Sound Transit staff to implement and track progress and results of process improvements.

  • Facilitate Future State Design created with Voice of the Customer (customer input and preferences).

  • Coach CPI teams on communication and change management tools and techniques for implementation and beyond.