Rob Jones


As a facilitator, trainer, consultant and coach, Rob has focused on questions of race, culture and organizational health for over 30 years.

Rob has also traveled many rivers in his lifetime. His journey began as a student leader in the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980’s, where he developed a clear racial equity and community engagement focus. He has run a diversity/youth leadership training organization, worked in community development, children’s health and as a Southern Africa policy advocate where he met one of his lifelong heroes, Nelson Mandela!

Rob has worked in public and private sector settings to frame conversations and help clients craft inclusion and management strategies. Whether facilitating corporate dialogs for the Science Museum of Virginia’s “Race: Are We So Different?” exhibit or working directly with at-risk youth and their families, Rob brings a strong, yet very respectful voice to his projects.

Rob brings a passion for understanding systems and for helping people make meaningful connections to each other and their projects. An ENTJ on the Myers Briggs, and Enneagram 8, Rob is strategically focused and able to provide direct and indirect leadership as needed. He is especially skilled at helping groups move through the “tough conversations” that create space for breakthroughs. An African American male who doesn’t always “look the part,” Rob has a unique ability to surface and bring clarity to many different perspectives.