Unlock Your Potential - Exit Puzzle Workshop

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Course Description

How can we recognize behaviors that inhibit learning and communication within teams or groups? Then, what skills can we learn and what behaviors can we practice that will increase our capacity to learn, our effectiveness, and our satisfaction?

This highly interactive workshop is based on the Mutual Learning Model, a theory of organizational behavior developed by Chris Argyris and Donald Schon. Participants will work with three tools or practices (such as the Ladder of Inference) to gain insight about and develop skills to enhance communication and inquiry skills. During the workshop, participants will experience solo reflection, conversations in pairs and small groups, whole group interactions, and somatic learning.

But wait, there’s more! This workshop also includes an “escape puzzle” challenge for your team to tackle for fun and insight. Working together to solve complex puzzles reveals team communication dynamics, assumptions, mental models about sharing information and collaboration, and so much more. The workshop begins with an in-depth “escape room” experience consisting of multiple interrelated puzzles that the team is tasked to complete in a limited time. The shared experience of the puzzle connects directly to additional workshop content related to self-awareness, testing assumptions, asking good questions, and more.

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Standard Course Length

  • 4 hours and 15 minutes


Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Experience greater self- and team-awareness

  • Appreciate their interdependence

  • Gain insight about how conflict arises within teams and ways to mitigate conflict

  • Understand the value of skilled inquiry

  • Be better able to help their team learn


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FAcilitated by

Steve Byers has 20 years of experience working with teams and leaders, and in convening important conversations in communities and organizations. He has designed and facilitated conversations in culturally diverse communities and organizations on such topics as racism and fair policing, employment and recreation for people with disabilities, access to health care in rural communities, strengthening families to prevent child abuse and neglect, and social determinants of health in immigrant communities. He also trains people to do this work, thus building capacity in the community. Steve works with teams and leaders to improve performance, strengthen working relationships, and increase team member well-being. He has presented multiple interactive workshops at various conferences in the last 15 years, including Elevate Early Learning (Tacoma), In2:InThinking Annual Forum (Los Angeles), and the Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action conference (Boston & Seattle). Any workshop Steve offers can be customized for an organization so that the participants can do real relevant work while learning. Steve is a graduate of the Organization Systems Renewal program at Seattle University. He is an experienced “Art of Hosting” facilitator and trainer. He designs and teaches workshops for organizations and the public, and teaches in a graduate leadership studies program at St. Mary’s College of California. Steve is a member of The Athena Group and also the owner of Helping Human Systems, a consulting practice to develop leadership capacity.

Amber Huffstickler brings approximately 12 years of experience in developing strong engagement strategies tailored to each purpose and group she works with. She is passionate about providing creative leadership development opportunities and broadening her and others’ facilitation toolkits. Her work includes training and coaching on building authentic partnerships, effective team communication, and equitable public engagement. She also provides graphic facilitation for events and strategic planning efforts. Amber’s background in education informs her work with nonprofits and grassroots community groups comprised of youth, families, and community leaders, in addition to public sector organizations seeking to revolutionize their engagement strategies. She uses the Art of Hosting and strengths-based approaches like Appreciative Inquiry to promote personal and community resilience in complex, ever-changing environments.  Having partnered with youth, immigrants, refugees, and families of color as a social justice educator since 2007, Amber’s work has incited culture shifts, positive social change and evolutionary leadership development within the staff teams and communities she supports. For her, nothing is more professionally satisfying than helping communities weave a richer social fabric by connecting the people, practices, and places that define them. Amber is a member of The Athena Group.

Tammy and Chris Dorn are puzzle lovers and escape room enthusiasts. Having done escape rooms all over the country and in Canada, they enjoy designing puzzle experiences themselves for parties and events or just for family and friends, and they are always on the lookout for a good puzzle. Tammy and Chris are excited to bring some of their own unique ideas and translate the fun and challenge of escape rooms into a team-building setting. They believe that cooperative puzzle experiences can shine light on individuals’ strengths and communication styles and, more important yet, on team dynamics that each member may or may not be aware of.