Why Women and Why now?

We are seeing dynamic changes in our world - many that are being lead by women. 

While it is true that women have attained unprecedented success, it is clear that things are not yet where they need to be.  At the same time that women are making inroads, for over 30 years, many women have been realizing that the cost of that success is too high, and they are expressing frustration that it all can’t be had.

The research that John Gerzema conducted and published in the Athena Doctrine , found that over two thirds of the 64,000 people from 13 countries he surveyed said they think the world would be a better place if men thought more like women.   Positive traits viewed as feminine, included expressiveness, ease in planning for the future, reasonableness or a willing to compromise, loyalty, flexibility, patience, intuitiveness and collaboration. 

We believe women inherently have some of the best skills sets needed to understand and manage dynamic and complex problems. To do that, women have to insist on leadership being different, not just aspiring to be leaders based on the male paradigm as the default ideal, instead to embrace and foster the inherent feminine essence to balance with the masculine essence – and bring it all the way into how we live, love and lead.

Our Evolution of Leadership for Women program is aimed to offer deep guidance to recognize, address and shift barriers that are in the way for women’s fulfillment and impact. We converse in community coupled with training and coaching.


We believe that without coaching, training loses its effectiveness rapidly, and often fails to achieve the lasting behavioral changes needed. While training is an “event”, coaching is a process, which is a valuable next step to training to ensure that the new knowledge imparted, actually becomes learned behavior. Thus our Evolutionary Leadership Programs are a combination of training and coaching along with the fostering of a learning community. You can join us for just the conversations or combine those with one or all of our quarterly training and coaching offerings.

We will have a quarterly conversation session where we explore the topic at hand, followed by an in-depth training on the subject that will be coupled with coaching.


  • Conversation Series Only: $25 for each session or $80 for 4 sessions

  • Training Plus Coaching Series: $ for each session or $ for 4 sessions. Each session includes x many hours of coaching or if you purchase the whole year then you get….


TOPIC: Why Women, Why Now

Conversation Series (webinar): DATE hosted by Suzanne Anderson

Description: Many women are feeling the limitations of an outdated model of leadership. The old models for living, loving and leading, are based on a worldview that for over five thousand years has been continuously tilted in the extreme toward Masculine values, styles and ways of making sense of reality. This was not a mistake. It was exactly what had to happen for humanity to evolve. But this Hypermasculine paradigm of wholeness, is no longer sufficient for the full emergence of our potential.

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TOPIC: Women and trauma - right description

Workshop: DATE hosted by Teresa

Description: What do we mean evolutionary leadership vs priming women to lead the current system vs women evolving the system.

Coaching provided …..

TOPIC: Why Women, Why Now

Conversation Series: DATE hosted by Suzanne Anderson and held at Webinar or live

Description: What do we mean evolutionary leadership vs priming women to lead the current system vs women evolving the system.

Conversation Series Membership $25 max participants of x number

Conversation plus Training & Coaching

4 hour - 2 day ==> cap on pricing 

-.Training + 1:1 coaching

-.Training x2 + 1:1 coaching

-All 4 packages + 1:1 coaching

*minimum enrollment for training to place of 25 @ 650

target price per person 650 = $16250

minimum 25

athena 20%, women's commission 10%, costs, whatever is left over is for the trainer

Calendar of Training

March - Negotiation

June - Gender based violence & sexual harassment or Trauma informed

September - The way of the mistrial woman 

December - Race and social justice and equity

February - Mindfulness?

May - 

August -