Tap into your inner leader and bring it forward in how you live, love and lead.

Anyone can be a leader, not just those in positions of power. Leadership comes from within and is a process of transformation. Great leadership involves a reverence for people, a humble stance, a curiosity and hunger for learning in addition to a desire for impact and achievement.  Leaders understand that the world is complex and there are multiple ways to perceive and understand things.  Leading from the inside out requires awareness, mental and emotional mastery, and differentiation. These are skill sets our training and coaching offers. 

The Athena Group works with multiple leadership approaches:  Adaptive Leadership, Personal Leadership, Participatory Leadership, Human-Centered Leadership, System Leadership, Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Conversational and Emotional Intelligence, Relational Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, and Applied Leadership – to name a few.  The method doesn’t matter as much as the underlying values of each.

There are a variety of leadership assessment tools and practices we use in conjunction with our coaching, training or other offerings that help you understand how effective your leadership is. 360 Assessments gain input about individuals from the full circle around them: supervisor, colleagues and direct-reports. Personality frameworks like Strength Finder, DiSC, and Enneagram provide insights not only into one’s personality but also into how to most effectively communicate and work with those around you.

The Athena Group works with clients to deeply and thoroughly understand their leadership in order to make the most of their aptitudes and resources.



Become aware of your thinking patterns and emotions, get clarity on your purposeful direction in your personal & professional life, take action, continually evolve and learn.  Develop personal mastery, tap into your inner leader, helping bring it forward in all aspects of your life.

As a team of executive coaches with a variety of skills, leadership experience and backgrounds, we focus on whole person development offering authentic, caring, and practical coaching services, tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.

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An organization learns as its people learn. Continual learning is critical to an organization’s continued success. People are the principle organizational asset. Invest in them thoughtfully and strategically, and you'll reap rewards that pay off now and for years to come.

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