Our Projects

We are working to become an anti-racist, self-organizing, for-purpose enterprise that cultivates the capacity for transformational change in individuals, systems, and society. As our clients move towards their vision of a better world, we support them through our leadership development, organizational health, and community engagement services and products.

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Digital Equity Forum

The Athena Group partnered with the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Broadband Office and the Governor’s Office of Equity to co-design and facilitate the inaugural year of Digital Equity Forum (DEF). The primary goal of the Digital Equity Forum, in partnership with Elizabeth Ralston Consulting and Avantpage, was to engage with Washingtonians and determine their primary needs to enhance access to broadband internet and technologies that are vital for meaningfully participating in 21st century society.

Statewide Human Service Transportation Plan

The Washington State Department of Transportation needed to update their Statewide Human Services Transportation plan, which focuses on initiatives to improve access and enhance mobility for people who are unable to transport themselves due to physical or mental limitations, income or age.

Design Labs: Clackamas Community Prosperity Collaborative, Oregon

The Athena Group worked with Clackamas County, Oregon, to support a community-driven approach to reducing poverty and increasing prosperity for people most in need. Utilizing an inclusive Community Design Lab, people who are closest to the problem developed impactful solutions to community challenges.

Organizational Cultural Assessment

Conducted an organizational cultural assessment for DEL entailing an agency-wide organizational and health survey (using Athena’s Social Capital Assessment tool), 50 ethnographic interviews of a cross-section of DEL employees across all levels and regions, group ethnographic observation and extensive analysis and vetting of assessment results.

Revisioning of Housing Assistance Unit

The Athena Group provided facilitation and other forms of professional consultation to support a better understanding of its current business practices and staff resources related to its goals. The Unit also has a new organizational chart, including reporting lines and high-level position descriptions.

Community-Based Planning & Policy, Strategic Plan on Homelessness

The city and county engaged The Athena Group to help them facilitate a community-driven strategic planning process on homelessness. To do this, The Athena Group’s project partners designed and facilitated a process that ultimately enabled a diverse group of community members and leaders—the Planning and Action Team on Homelessness (PATH)—to find the best way forward for themselves, in light of all interests and perspectives in the community.

Work With Us

Our team brings  values of curiosity, awareness, connection, equity and wholeness to all the work we do.