What We Do

The Athena Group is working to become an anti-racist, self-organizing, for-purpose consulting enterprise that cultivates the capacity for transformational change in individuals, systems, and society. As our clients move towards their vision of a better world, we support organizations through our three pillars of service: inner leadership development, organizational health and change, and community engagement and facilitation.

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Inner Leadership Development

We help individuals tap into their inner wisdom, become aware of patterns and biases, and continually evolve and learn.

Services: Leadership Coaching & Training, Leadership Assessments, IDEA+J Coaching and Training, and Keynotes Speaker Series

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Organizational Health & Change

We take a whole-systems approach to helping organizations adapt to rapid and complex change, continually improve, and embrace diversity, equity and belonging.

Our Services: Facilitation and Mediation, Team Building and Conflict Management, Strategic and Tactical Planning - IDEA+J (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Justice), Evaluation and Management Studies, Change and Project Management, Organizational Assessment and Design, and Continuous Improvement

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Community Engagement & Facilitation

We help communities create inclusive public policy by hosting difficult conversations with divergent viewpoints, centering the voices of those most impacted.

Our Services: Community Connection Mapping, Community Capacity Building, Community Assessment and Participatory Research, Community-Based Planning & Policy Development, Translation, Interpretive, and Accessibility Services, and Design Lab Services