the Athena Group

Our Purpose

The Athena Group cultivates the capacity for transformational change in self, systems, and society.

We are a trusted for-purpose, women- and minority-owned consulting enterprise, headquartered in the Pacific Northwest.  

Athena Group Leadership

The Athena Group believes that change starts from the inside and then manifests itself in organizations and communities. 

This is why our mission is to awaken leadership potential in everyone, to build healthy organizations that are productive while energizing humans to be their full selves, and to lay the foundation for resilient and inclusive communities. 

We envision a world where everyone has what they need to thrive. We boldly and compassionately examine existing power structures and build meaningful relationships so that diverse, inclusive and equitable choices inform our work. We shift away from power over to power with—helping to engender a world where economic prosperity for all is inevitable, and social equity and environmental responsibility are local and global priorities.  

We have served over 250 clients through successful completion of more than 600 contracts in state, regional and local governments, as well as business and community-based organizations, since 1999. We are licensed to do business in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Hawaii.

The Athena Group, LLC is a certified women- and minority-owned business, disadvantaged business, and small business enterprise, headquartered in Olympia, WA.  

We are a for-purpose enterprise and a holacratic organization.

The Athena Group is unique in that we are implementing a power shifted operating system called a For-Purpose Enterprise, which practices Holacracy as our organizational framework for getting work done. We are building the organization of the future, where purpose is boss, work is self-organized, and power is distributed. 

A For-Purpose enterprise has four core principles: 

  1. Purpose is the supreme principle of order;
  2. Actions are agile and transparent;
  3. Work is differentiated from people;
  4. Authority is distributed and work is self-organized. 

Our goal is to model a thriving, self-organizing, for-purpose enterprise that enables individuals to be deeply connected, make an impact, have fun while being in their zone of genius.

A blue pyramid broken into three sections each one a different shade.


A group of eight interlocking clear circles, each outlined in a different color.


What is a Holarchy?

Holarchy mimics the organization of natural systems, wherein the whole is governed by its parts. It is sometimes inaccurately thought of as a form of hierarchy, but differs fundamentally in that hierarchies feature both an established top and bottom.

This structure allows The Athena Group to welcome input from all directions and to apply expertise between and across conventional channels.

Explore Our Values

Our team brings values of curiosity, awareness, connection,
equity and wholeness to all the work we do.