Our Three Pillars OF SERVICE

Inner Leadership Development

Cultivate leadership from within and move through the world with more connection, alignment, and purpose

Anyone can be a leader, not just those in positions of power. Leadership comes from within and is an ongoing process of reflection, alignment, and transformation. Great leadership involves a reverence for what it means to be human, a beginner's mind with an abundance of curiosity and a desire to connect purpose with meaningful action. Leaders understand that the world is complex and there are multiple ways to perceive and understand things. Leading from the inside out requires expanded self-awareness, mental and emotional skillfulness, and the ability to align head and heart. At The Athena Group, our Inner Leadership services help leaders to develop the personal and professional skills to reach their goals while creating resilient, inclusive spaces where all people can thrive.

Our Inner Leadership services include:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Training
  • Leadership Assessments
  • IDEA+J Coaching and Training
  • Keynotes

Our Approach to Inner Leadership Development

We work to ensure that any leadership development we offer is as targeted as possible to the unique context, needs, and interests of our clients. That said, our broad orientation to organizational and team leadership is shaped by the following understandings. 

First, we understand that business and organizational life is different today.  We’ve entered what is often referred to as the “Era of Complexity,” where rapid change, uncertainty, and ambiguity are the norm rather than the exception.   

Second, as more and more of our time is spent collaborating with or managing (leading) others or self, whether they are our peers, superiors, external partners and stakeholders, or subordinates, the level of complexity increases.   

Third, as the above occurs, people often find that the management or leadership training they have received up till now hasn’t fully equipped them for this emerging reality.   

Finally, leading powerfully requires us to show up in our world differently than it has in the past. This requires developing of leadership capacities within each of the following three domains.    

  1. Inner domain (the level of self) 
  1. Group domain (the level of the group —including teams, stakeholder networks, and organizations) 
  1. System domain (the level of the larger system within which the above exist) 

We help leaders and leadership teams by supporting the balanced development of their leadership capacities.

When this happens, a respectful workplace culture based on trust can emerge, interdependence is more readily recognized, effective communication and clear decision making ensues, and continual learning is possible.  

Development of these capacities with these three domains is never “completed.” Rather, leaders continually increase their ability to respond well to an ever-changing environment. One goal of leadership development is to create sustainable practices that support a resilient leadership team.  

Explore Inner Leadership Development Services and Products

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Leadership Coaching

Become aware of your thinking patterns and emotions, get clarity on your purposeful direction in your personal & professional life, take action, continually evolve and learn.  Develop personal mastery, tap into your inner leader, helping bring it forward in all aspects of your life.

As a team of executive coaches with a variety of skills, leadership experience and backgrounds, we focus on whole person development offering authentic, caring, and practical coaching services, tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.

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Equity Coaching

Our Equity Coaching program is designed to support organizations in building a safe and equitable workplace for all employees. Our coaches bring years of training and experience to their coaching engagements as well as the knowledge, lived experience, and belief that any transformation includes equity at the center.  

Whether they are coaching executive leadership or frontline staff, our equity coaches play a significant role in reshaping systems by empowering employees to act and to be accountable to equity in every facet of the organization. Coaching isn’t simply talking about inclusion, diversity, equity, justice, or accessibility, it’s about understanding how each of us plays a role in perpetuating the status quo and how we can take meaningful action to create a future where all people can flourish. 

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The Athena Group’s in person and virtual trainings offer a rich opportunity for individuals to enhance personal and professional growth, especially when combined with our coaching services. Contact us to learn more about our our current offerings.

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Leadership Assessments

There are a variety of leadership assessment tools and practices we use in conjunction with our coaching, training or other offerings that help you understand how effective your leadership is. 360 Assessments gain input about individuals from the full circle around them: supervisor, colleagues and direct-reports. Personality frameworks like Strength Finder, DiSC, and Enneagram provide insights not only into one’s personality but also into how to most effectively communicate and work with those around you.

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Keynote Speaker Series

Erin Jones has taught in a variety of environments, including for predominantly Black communities and in some of the most diverse communities in the nation. Erin's keynote talks are 30-60 minutes long, and topics include:

  • Bridges to Heal (based on the content of her book)
  • Thriving After Failure
  • The Power of Story
  • How I Got My WHY: Moving from Safety to Bravery
  • Dr Martin Luther King, Jr celebrations, and Black History Month

Inner Leadership in Practice

Implicit and Explicit Bias Trainings

The Athena Group collaborated with Clackamas County to bolster the Disaster Management department by providing essential resources for a community engagement toolkit. This toolkit places a strong emphasis on cultural awareness and equity, featuring a comprehensive Implicit and Explicit Bias Training facilitated by Athena partners.

Inner Leadership Development Stewards

Many of The Athena Group Partners and Collaborators work within this line of business. Talk to our Inner Leadership Stewards to find out which consultant might be a great match for your needs.