We offer powerful guidance for individuals, organizations, and communities that elicit inner leadership, powerful conversations, and wise action in response to the most pressing issues of our time

Whether you, your team, organization, or community are:

  • Feeling the pull to get clarity, purpose, and direction in your own individual life.

  • Desiring the need to cultivate and act from an inner knowing, mindfulness, and personal power.

  • Engaging in conversations that incorporate different perspectives, build social capital, and are sometimes very difficult.

  • Navigating change, embracing divergent viewpoints and achieving internal alignment and coherence.

  • Managing today’s operations in changing, dynamic environments.

  • Movings towards being a more self-organizing, human designed organization with distributed authorities.

  • Leading change in building new systems that are more inclusive, loving and humane.

  • Needing creative solutions to emerge that go across diverse cross -sector groups in safe to fail environments that allow collective clarity of purpose among, diverse communities.

  • Creating race and social equity in education, health, transportation and housing.

We partner with you to find best practices for technical problems and innovating and experimenting with emergent practices for complex problems.


We are passional about working with individuals, teams, organizations and communities longing for a different way that want to redefine power by engaging in work that enables economic viability, social equity and environmental responsibility through building capacities of conscious and courageous individuals, organizations and communities.

We help our clients to achieve success by delivering the best and most effective methods that go beyond conventional wisdom (we call it radical wisdom) while integrating a holistic, human and adaptive approach. 

We define Radical Wisdom as:

  •  Humans have multiple intelligence centers.  Wisdom comes from the head, heart and gut.

  •  Personal power is accessible to everyone when we harmonize our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities.

  • Organizations and communities are human systems, not machines.  The humans inside these systems, whatever their position, hold a wisdom that is imperative to the health of the whole system.