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Casey Tonnelly

Casey Tonnelly (they/them) founded Beyond Thinking, an organization dedicated to helping their clients reach their greatest potential. Casey served as a Strategic Advisor for the City of Seattle for over twelve years in the Seattle Office for Emergency Management and Seattle Office for Civil Rights on the Race & Social Justice Initiative team. Their professional experience includes developing public policy to foster greater equity in housing, employment, and participatory budgets. They led the development of equitable programming in Emergency Management, Department of Neighborhoods, and the Office for Civil Rights. Casey has a passion for facilitation (including raced-based caucusing). They approach everyone they interact with the same level of reverence, from community members with limited trust in outsiders to elected officials to CEO's. Casey has a firm belief that our liberation is interconnected and centers the humanity of all people included in projects. They became a certified coach through iPEC in 2019 and an ACC certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2020. Their professional experience includes executive coaching, leadership development coaching, Anti-Racism coaching, group coaching, curriculum development, and strategic facilitation.

Newly based in Long Beach, California, Casey is adapting to the sunshine and attempting to learn about their new city with humility and gratitude. Acknowledging they are residing on the indigenous land of the Tongva, Kizh, and Chumash people.

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