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D. L. Pos Ryant

D. L. Pos Ryant brings over seven years’ strategic planning experience; passion for business, nonprofit, and personal development; strengths as a community builder and connector; experience as a wellness advocate and youth mentor; and both creative and practical genius as an entrepreneur and business coach. He is a goal-oriented high achiever with strong leadership capabilities. He is extremely passionate about strategy, wellness, positive youth development, and building community.

As a Strategic Planning Facilitator and DEI Consultant, Pos has supported strategic planning sessions with local and national businesses and nonprofits, and he has led planning sessions with The SHARE Network and Civic Canopy, Guided by Humanity, and others. He has also led DEI work with Maria Droste Counseling, working with their interns around cultural awareness, bias, and microaggressions.  

Pos is also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization (AOPYO), a nonprofit that focuses on reducing mental health stigma and increasing life skills through wellness. Prior to founding AOPYO, Pos worked in mutual funds and real estate. Pos has extensive business experience with a dual MBA in Finance/Accounting and Strategic Management from Regis University.

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