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Erin Jones

Erin Jones is recognized in Washington State as a leader on issues related to public education. Her experiences working in communities of poverty with marginalized communities helped her develop expertise in community engagement and outreach and well as helping stakeholders consider and address issues of equity. After running for statewide office, Erin was exposed to the similarities between the dynamics of what is happening in public schools and what is happening with other governmental systems. Erin continues to work closely with schools, but she now also helps non-profits, city and county government and community-based organizations consider how to more effectively engage community in determining which policies and practices must be disrupted and which resources need to be added to better serve all constituents.

Erin brings a big heart, open eyes, and strategic thinking to her training and coaching of stakeholders. She goes out of her way to spend time in the communities she serves because she knows that best practices are applied most effectively when they are understood in the local community context. She also quickly hones in on each stakeholder’s gifts and potential and truly “shows up” to help each person reach his/her potential. In Erin, you will find true dedication to helping her clients succeed.

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