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Jane Faulkner

Jane (she/her) works with executives, leaders, and lawyers across a range of organizations from Fortune 500 to startups. Her clients are seeking to move to the next level of personal/professional mastery and success.

Jane’s executive coaching is tailored to the needs and goals of each client. It is comprehensive and effective because of the breadth and depth of her experience, expertise, and wisdom. She uses an inside-out approach based on a whole person model so that change and growth happen at the levels of being, doing and becoming.

Specifically, Jane supports clients to become masters of their minds, emotions, and bodies. This creates an internal state of flow that allows them to create, innovate, and step into their full potential. They no longer react to external events or people and they are no longer victims of stress. They can facilitate the realization of their vision and goals.

Jane practiced law for 13 years and was a community consultant for 5 years. Since 2006, she has supported hundreds of satisfied clients as a certified coach. She is a professional certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. She received her training from the Coaches Training Institute. She has masters level training in organizational change, and various other certifications and training that inform her broad knowledge and skills base. She has been on the boards of many non-profits and has contributed to the coaching field as an officer for the Puget Sound Coaching Association, as a board member on the ICF Internal Review Board (ethics), and as a volunteer coach for The Coaching Fellowship.

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