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Jen Self, PhD

Jen Self (they/them) coaches as they live: intuitively, empathically, with radical honesty, and fierce commitment to transformative justice, that which is deserved by all who inhabit this planet. Dr. J comes to coaching as a lifelong elite athlete, educator, psychotherapist, and social work professor. They coached students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the University of Washington for 20 years, leaving in 2020 to consult, coach, and strategize with executive leaders and organizations full-time.

Dr. J coaches executive leadership and mid-management through the lenses of emotional intelligence, equity, justice, and trauma-informed work environments. They have an acute, nuanced understanding of human emotion, interaction, structural and ideological power, and the ways in which all of these micro and macro systems interact. When applied to coaching, Dr. J’s systemic approach has a catalytic effect on clients, bolstering them to sharpen their self-awareness, motivate their inertia-to-action cycle, lead more accountably, honestly, and assertively, and bring true empathic listening and understanding to their interactions with their teams. Building on these personal transformations, Jen helps their clients to apply their learning for organizational transformation.

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