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Kristen Barton

Kristen’s (she/her) work with groups has led her to believe that when all voices of a group are included, valued, and engaged, the best ideas and solutions can emerge.

She brings 10 years of experience facilitating cross-functional, multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives. Her specialized skill is in designing and facilitating inclusive processes for stakeholder groups to co-create solutions and make progress on some of the most pressing problems facing our communities.  

Her most recent experience comes from Kaiser Permanente of Washington (KPWA). Holding several leadership roles during her tenure at KPWA, she collaborated with executive leadership and key stakeholders in designing and implementing organization-wide initiatives including advancing equity and inclusion within the organization and in patient care, reducing clinician burnout, improving patient health outcomes through effective clinician-patient communication, and increasing employee engagement. In 2020, working with the Permanente Federation, she designed and facilitated the national level leadership development strategic planning session for all Kaiser Permanente medical groups across the U.S. Kristen’s areas of expertise include group facilitation, project and program management, strategic planning, leadership development, teambuilding, and coaching. She holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado and previously practiced as a Licensed Professional Counselor serving communities in Colorado and Alaska.

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