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Marcus Quarles

Marcus (he/him) is a leadership development facilitator and certified executive coach with over 30 years of leadership experience, 22 years of experience as a facilitator and 20 years in leadership development. As a certified executive coach, Marcus draws on his leadership experience as well as his experience teaching leaders how to coach in ways that light everyone up, with their words, listening skills, and more importantly through their behavior. Marcus is a coach who challenges leaders and teams to discover and develop peak performance. His work with Fortune 500 organizations has taught him that leading and learning are two sides of the same coin. Marcus knows that any change, no matter the scope starts with listening and understanding the people affected. Marcus’ greatest strength is his authenticity. He creates safety and space for individuals to explore core beliefs and reflect on behaviors. He invites others to share experiences by modeling vulnerability, and by allowing their own insights to grow and blossom in the warmth of his kindness. Marcus spends his free time playing golf with his wife and restoring their home. He has a son who lives in Washington and a daughter who lives in the Netherlands with her husband and three children.

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