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Paul Knox

Paul (he/him) is a social entrepreneur with a passion and life-long commitment to creating better communities and connections between people.  He has 35 years of leadership experience and innovation in policy, operations and advocacy in economic, community and workforce development as well as asset building and community organizing. In recent years, he has worked with affordable housing providers and advocates to pass local revenue taxes that resulted in over $80 million in new local funding for housing and services and has worked with 3 counties to develop collaborative affordable housing strategies and plans.  

Besides his consulting work, he served in 2018-19 as Senior Policy Advisor to the Child Care Collaborative Task Force at the Department of Commerce, leading the formation and initial 16 months of task force work.  He also served as executive director of the United Way of Thurston County for eight years enacting collaborative models in private-public funding and collective impact.  He chaired the Thurston County Affordable Housing Advisory Team for 6 years facilitating innovations and strategies in tackling the growing challenge of housing and homelessness.  

Prior to that he was the founding executive of the Washington Asset Building Coalition and spent 20 years as a state government leader starting up and directing programs in community and workforce development.

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