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Shian Chuan

For over a decade, Shian Chuan has advised top leaders on techniques for maximizing their impact and the value they bring to an organization. Her passion centers around helping individuals, teams, and organizations enhance their professional performance, improve resiliency, zero in on their differentiating spark, and navigate successfully through times of change and turbulence—as well as periods of burn-out.  

Shian’s style draws heavily on the power of appreciative inquiry and positive psychology to address challenging workplace transformation issues, help organizations build positive/inclusive team cultures, and guide them to greater levels of trust, collaboration, and engagement.

A certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Executive Coach, and Mindfulness Consultant, Shian has coached over 400 clients to date and facilitated presentations on behavioral science and human psychology to thousands of leaders around the world. Her diverse life/business background and international upbringing enables her to rapidly build trust with leaders, teams, and clients from all walks of life—including top executives in the technology, healthcare, government, and finance sectors. Additionally, as an accomplished and transformational public speaker, she also greatly enjoys speaking and inspiring audiences around the latest breakthroughs related to achieving individual and organizational excellence.

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