Imagine a world where:

Leaders are found in every part of organizations, convene conversations that matter and lead to wise action. Organizations and teams are driven by a clear sense of purpose. Activities are aligned and meaningful indicators of progress are used for continuous feedback, learning and improving. Meetings are engaging, productive and fun. People respond with curiosity and resilience when faced with challenges, and continually adapt learning to what emerges.

Businesses are profitable because they care about the people and the planet as much as the financial bottom line. Employee satisfaction is high. People feel a clear connection between their personal values and the work they do in the workplace. They trust each other and creativity explodes. 

Neighborhoods, governments, businesses, non-profits and faith organizations work together to solve seemingly intractable social problems. Citizens are meaningfully engaged in local decision making that is collaborative, creative, fun and satisfying. People feel that the taxes they pay are well worth it. There is a feeling of abundance.

We feel connected.

We act in alignment to ourselves, others and the natural world.

The world is a better place. 

OUR PURPOSE, Mission and Vision

Power Redefined!

We want to awaken what is possible when we step into our wholeness - shifting from power over to power with - manifesting a world where economic prosperity for all is inevitable when social equity and environmental responsibility is a priority.

We offer powerful guidance for individuals, organizations, and communities that elicit inner leadership, powerful conversations, and wise action in response to the most pressing issues of our time.

Modeling a thriving, self-organizing, for purpose enterprise that enables individuals to be deeply connected, making an impact, having fun while being in their zone of genius.


The Athena Group began twenty years ago knowing there was a different way to work. One that worked around our lives not one where our lives worked around our work.  We have grown from a sole proprietor, to a traditional organization, to a member-based organization.  Now we are in the midst of our own transformational journey of redefining power by moving fully into a self organizing, for purpose enterprise with purpose driven work, distributed authority and shared risk and rewards.

WHy Athena?

athena goddess of wisdom.jpg

Athena is the goddess of radical wisdom and civilization.

The mythical goddess Athena inspires much of what The Athena Group is passionate about and how we operate. Athena is a calm presence in the center of a storm.  She knows how to rally people, because she sees each person for who they are.  She loves the beauty of the world and is unsullied by the darkness.  She is deeply compassionate without getting lost in grief, she is not afraid to do what is hers to do, she is grounded in the search for truth, and never loses sight of her own power to transform with small gestures.  

Her qualities are needed now more than ever.  

The spirit of Athena lives in each of us.