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Implicit and Explicit Bias Trainings

Clackamas County Disaster Management

The Athena Group facilitated trainings for Clackamas County Disaster Management on Community Engagement with an emphasis on cultural awareness, as well Implicit and Explicit Bias.

The Athena Group collaborated with Clackamas County to bolster the Disaster Management department by providing essential resources for a community engagement toolkit. This toolkit places a strong emphasis on cultural awareness and equity, featuring a comprehensive Implicit and Explicit Bias Training facilitated by Athena partners. The program guided participants through foundational learning, mindfulness practices, and open discussions aimed at addressing biases. Athena incorporated engaging activities, such as disaster scenarios, to explore the intersection of bias in disaster prevention messaging and the examination of diversity within the county.

An infographic with seven circles, with one in the middle, and six surrounding. The middle shape, in dark blue reads “An Inculsive Community Engagement Approach”. The six circles surrounding read: 1. “Sense of Possibility, Collective Efficacy” 2. “Sense of Belonging, Trust” 3. “Social Support” 4. “Social Capital” 5. “Connectedness” 6. “Attachment to Place”

Expanding on Clackamas County's extensive range of operations and strategic implementation of transformative measures, Athena led them through an exploration of alternative cultural norms. By honing in on messaging and evaluating the audience reached, valuable insights were uncovered, guiding potential and necessary modifications. By establishing organizational norms for courageous conversations on equity, and discovering tools for continuing the conversation on bias, outcomes included a strong exploration of what it would look like to refine outreach strategies, cultivate relationships with local partners, and ensure equitable access to materials in multiple languages.

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